About Kate

My name is Kate and I’m a leadership and career coach. I live and work in Washington DC, but I work with clients around North America. I am passionate about helping people discover their strengths and find fulfillment in their work.

After graduating from Princeton with what I have often been told is the most useless major ever (Religion with a minor in East Asian Studies), I set off to change the world by teaching in a public school in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.  After a very challenging year at PS 208, I realized two things: 1) I was not cut out to be a teacher and 2) I was really interested in learning how to manage and make teams work together effectively.

At the urging of my college friend, I applied for a job with a hedge fund called Bridgewater Associates. Despite the fact that working in finance had never been on my radar, I immediately loved the entrepreneurial culture and the caliber of people who worked there. I spent the next five years immersing myself in various management roles. I worked in diverse teams across the company and as a Chief of Staff to some of the company’s most senior managers. In addition to managing the turnaround of several teams, I also worked with many senior managers to help them become more effective leaders and connect to their employees. It was through this work that I discovered my passion for talent management and all things related to helping people be their best at work.

After five intense and fulfilling years, I wanted to learn a new approach and deepen my understanding of the business world. I left my job to pursue an MBA at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. After graduating with my MBA in May of 2014, I launched my full-time coaching business. I specialize in coaching clients who want to make a transition in their career as well as helping emerging leaders and entrepreneurs discover and refine their identities as leaders.

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